I finally discovered Instagram.

Good morning and happy weekend!  Did you know it is National ‘Drink Wine’ Day?  Don’t mind if I do (tonight)!

It’s already been a productive Saturday for me.  I finally hopped on the Instagram bandwagon. I captured this picture of Sunny keeping an eye on the neighborhood for us (South Minnie is a dangerous place):

Keeping the neighborhood safe from squirrels (if we didn't hold him back by not letting him outside)

I discovered the semi-blurry feature and took a picture of the roses Matt got me for Valentine’s Day:

This is the level of romance I would have fake-puked at when single. But now it makes me :) :) :)

Matt had a great idea to make us omelets and coffee this morning.  Yum.

Did I eat this today or in 1927? Instagram is so sneaky like that.

Now, we’re listening to a little Otis Redding while we update our budget sheet (and I write this, of course).  “Updating our budget sheet” really just consists of making sure our expenses in our Excel file match our checking accounts online and that we have enough money to pay our bills the next few months (we do! yay for my budgeting system!).  It sounds boring but it is actually very exciting (or I’m just a huge nerd, which wouldn’t surprise me to learn).  One of these days I will get fancy and do all this work through a website like Mint.com.  For now, I am old-school and prefer to do it on my own in Excel.

By the way, (FYI) if you’ve filed your tax return, checked on the status online, and were told no information is available – that appears to be a mistake.  Refunds will be disbursed on the average schedule of 10-21 days.  The official message can be found on the IRS website here.

(this is Macy hiding from Sunny and keeping warm by the heater while we work at the table)

sweetest dog in the world

I have a magazine addiction (although it is not as bad as Colleen’s addiction!).  So, I have promised Matt that today I will go through my stack from the past few weeks.

evidence that I really am a "research junkie"

Yes, you read that right – I said the PAST FEW WEEKS.  In my defense, I got January and February at the same time since I just signed up for a few of them.  What can I say – I got too many good deals on the subscriptions to pass up and they’re great for when I travel.

I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday as much as I plan to enjoy mine!  I might get crazy later and make some Tuna Cakes (instead of crab cakes).  Maybe I’ll get ambitious and post the recipe :)

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3 Responses to I finally discovered Instagram.

  1. I’m totally claiming to be a “research junkie” instead of a “vapid magazine addict” from now on! It sounds much better on a resume!

  2. Sunny looks like he is in the middle of a very deep thought.

  3. Sharon Kinard

    Lol. I also am a magazine junkie. I have good intentions that I w,ill read them if I sort them into organized stacks! My stacks are forever growing:-)

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