Those last 15 pounds…

Happy Weigh-in Wednesday!  Ok, I know today is Thursday but that is so much catchier :)   Weigh-in Wednesday is my quest that I will share every Wednesday (after this week) to finally get rid of the last 10-15 pounds.

I know I don’t need to lose weight.  I wear a size 6 pants and small shirt so that alone tells me I don’t have a weight problem.  But, I’m also only 5’3” and I’m at the very top of the healthy weight range for my age and height (ok, maybe a few pounds over some days).  I’d feel more comfortable if I dropped the extra fluff and, more importantly, kept it off!  Besides, I do invest a lot of time into running so it’s a little frustrating that I still have the fluff hanging around.

I have tried, and failed, many (MANY!!!) times over the years to get rid of this weight.  This is why I think I’ve failed:

  • Food.  I would rather work out than have to worry about eating healthy, but I need to finally accept that 70% of it is diet (which is SO depressing! but also SO necessary to accept!).
  • Running.  This is all I do.  I probably ran over 1,000 miles last year and only lost two pounds.  This is what my friend Tony, who is a personal trainer and former Marine, had to say about that, “I am sure you already knew this but running is probably the least effective way to try to lose weight, especially when you are good at it. Your body is just like a car, when you keep running your body becomes more efficent to the repetitive nature of the exercise. That is why switching it up is so important…”  Apparently I didn’t already know that!
  • I don’t build it into my lifestyle.  When I train for a race, it consumes my life.  When I am done, I completely fall off the wagon because I am so burned out from training.  I do the same with food.  I am either very healthy or eating a whole sleeve of Do Si Dos.  I need more moderation.

Based on my self-analysis, I have put together this plan to help me reach 130 pounds within 16 weeks:


  • I am going to follow Weight Watchers.  I chose Weight Watchers because it is realistic with my work travel schedule and it will help me learn about portion control, while still allowing for small indulgences.
  • I will eat 2 “clean” meals per day at least 5 times per week.  I think it’s important to eat natural foods whenever possible.  This should be relatively easy since Matt and I have been eating mostly “clean” dinners since the beginning of January.


I drink a lot of water as it is, but I’d like to make it a rule to have 3 Camelbak’s per day.  I own six of these water bottles and usually have one with me.  Best. waterbottle. ever.   It must be the chewy straw.


  • Diversify.  This should be easy to do since we are training for Tough Mudder and a sprint triathlon.   This will include strength training 2-3x per week, biking, swimming and running.
  • Focus on intensity.  I tend to get too comfortable in my workouts.  Working out with Matt helps a lot since he motivates me to work harder.
  • Incorporate morning workouts.  This will allow me to enjoy more evenings cooking dinner or taking care of errands so I won’t feel burned out at the end of this.

I welcome feedback, tips or suggestions!

Baseline measurements

  • Weight: 145 pounds
  • Waist: 32”
  • Hips: 38 ¾”
  • Bust: 34”
  • Arms: R – 11 3/8”, L – 11 ¼”
  • Thighs: R – 24 ½”, L – 23 ¾”
…and here I am!  (in case you’re wondering — yes, Matt thinks I’m a weirdo for wanting to broadcast this on the internet.  However, he has learned by now that I’m a “sharer” so he just goes with it.)

 Macy wanted to take a body shot too:

Have you achieved a weight loss or healthiness goal that was very important to you?  What approach did you take and what advice do you have for me?

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10 Responses to Those last 15 pounds…

  1. Hey!! Anna’s right arm!! Why are you such a fatty, FATTY?? (Confession: I just took about 5 minutes deciding if 3/8 was bigger than 1/4.)

    In other news, I’m so glad you’re going to be doing weight training! It’s the best thing EVER!!!!!

    You’ve already heard my tips and techniques ad nauseum, so I shan’t be disclosing them yet again. (Except: WEIGHT TRAINING!!!!)

  2. Prairie Dog!!

    I really like this approach you’re taking, seems totally realistic and easily doable!

    Anytime you want to workout together let me know, I need to get back into the swing of things!

  3. The only time I’ve ever felt “lean” was after I had Marley- I had gained the average 30lbs but then lost 50lbs! Obviously alot of it was muscle, but, my legs were skinnier and leaner than ever, my butt was (gone), my tummy was flat (aside from “mommy tummy” from my c-section), and I was just leaner and toned all over. I contribute alot of it to that I had cut out alcohol, and I was breast feeding and that burns alot of calories, but I really didnt make any changes except the alcohol (man I must drink alot, lol). So now I’m back up to my “before” weight, which is the same weight I was when I graduated high school. I’ve always been able to maintain easily. I gain muscle very easy and sometimes it just makes me feel bulky and heavy. I think I am active enough to burn my intake because my diet is pretty much on track, alot of protein and veggies, but if I just cut out my alcohol again I think that would help get me “lean” again. I do alot of endurance training along with weight training, I always have….but I know I could be leaner. But then again, it could just be genetics too, can you beat genetics? for good?

    • I’m sure the reason you can easily maintain is because you eat healthy and exercise a lot! It is habit for you, which is great. I want to be like that too!

  4. Last night, I opened a scale that I bought off of Amazon WEEKS ago. I was in denial over how much weight I’d actually gained in the last year. This morning I signed up for WW, and I’m super pumped. I love tallying things like activity and water, it makes me feel like I’m getting gold stars from some sort of Internet God. Thank you for being an inspiration, and I LOVE that you share this stuff with us.

    • Good for you for taking the first step. That is the most difficult one to take! I also find week 3 to be difficult because that is when eating healthy has lost its shine and I just want a donut.

      I love online WW. That is what I do too (and I totally agree about the tallying being like a gold star point system).

      I am happy to share because I think it will hold me accountable. And thank you for sharing your story too!

  5. Sharon Kinard

    I lost 40+ lbs after joining weight watchers and changing my lifestyle. I eat healthy 80% of the time, and indulge in my favorites the other 20%. It’s a healthy approach and easy to maintain knowing that you aren’t depriving yourself of the things you love. Dieting is the main reason that you lose weight, and exercise increases muscle mass and your metabolism, which burns calories more efficiently. A healthy note to remember is that eating too few calories decreases weight loss because your body thinks it’s starving, therefore it stores fat. You need about 1200 calories daily for your bodily functions such as heart, lungs, kidneys, etc…

  6. Sharon Kinard

    Anna, Good plan:)

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  8. I can totally relate. I’m 5’4″ and weigh around 140 and it’s hard for me to lose weight. I think my problem is that I don’t challenge myself enough at the gym. Also, I have a weakness for sweets!

    I think your plan sounds like a great one! Good luck and I look forward to reading about your progress.

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