Weigh-In Wednesday, Week 1!

I’ve been waiting all week to see if I could make the butterfly on the right toolbar move!  The results are in (picture to be included every 5 pounds)…

I was sick last week and retaining a lot of water so I expected a 2 lb loss, but 3-1/2 feels even better!  I know I might have some measuring issues to work through with my right thigh but I think this week’s measurement is more accurate :)

Yesterday, we had to get physicals for life insurance and the guy weighed me in at 139 (which is definitely NOT what my scale says!) but he rounded down to 135.  I wish that actually worked in real life!  Overall, it was a good week and, luckily, I didn’t face too many obstacles.  We have guests this weekend and I’m going to a Gopher hockey game on Friday night so the next week will be more of a challenge.

Even before my quest, we’ve been trying to cook more often and eat healthier.  We’ve found a lot of new foods that we really like.  Last night, we revisited a favorite of ours from our gluten elimination last March – Udi’s pizza crust!

(I did an elimination to see if gluten could be causing some of my intestinal issues.  You can read more about gluten-free living in a previous post of mine)

The pizza crust is 4 points for half (which is plenty if you pair it with a salad), the veggies are 0 points, the cheese is 1 point, and the canned tomato is 1 point (but you could get rid of that point by using fresh tomatoes).  We simmer the tomatoes in a pot, drain some of the excess juice, put it on the pizza, add the toppings and bake per the instructions on the Udi’s wrapper.

Yesterday and today were both weird days for my points consumption.  After dinner, I still had 10 points left for the day!!!  So, I ate 6 thin mints.  Ugh.  I had the points for it, but I could definitely feel those on my run.  When I got off the treadmill, I still had a few points left and was craving something salty.   I spread 1 point of peanut butter onto a rice cake, which was the perfect post-workout treat (total points = 2).

I usually snack on fruits and vegetables during the day so I’ll need to find heartier snacks so I don’t end up with so many points at the end of the day.  I want to make sure I end this challenge with healthy, sustainable habits and part of that is figuring out my pacing of meals throughout the day.

How do you spread your meals throughout the day?  Aren’t you happy it’s “hump” day?!  We’re halfway through the work week!

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10 Responses to Weigh-In Wednesday, Week 1!

  1. Sharon Kinard

    Good first week!

  2. congrats on ur results! and sweet charts you have!

  3. Congrats! I see your right arm really responded to my tough love!

  4. Great job! I’ve loved seeing your posts this past week, I follow Weight Watchers as well and the first couple weeks are all about figuring out the balance and what works with your schedule….and your appetite, especially when you’re working out. I hit my goal last year (60lbs) and actually work for Weight Watchers part time now also so I’m a big fan :)
    PS, one of my favorite new snacks is the peanut butter and rice cakes….also try rice cakes and the laughing cow wedges, delish!

    • Wow, I knew you had lost a lot but 60 pounds is FANTASTIC! Mmmm, I am a fan of the rice cake with laughing cow cheese too :)

      I am kicking up my workouts (ok, starting them back up) for Tough Mudder training so it will get really interesting over the next few weeks how my body does with those. What I’ve been finding is I was probably eating way too little some days and way too much other days, so I’m sure I was sending my body all over the place.

  5. I am insulin dependent diabetic, so I tend to only eat bigger meals for breakfast lunch and dinner so I don’t have to snack in between and take more shots.

    That being said, today I had to eat 5 points to get my blood sugar high enough to walk for 50 minutes – so it was probably a wash! :(

    • That must be tough, but good for you for managing through it! I can’t relate to what you have to deal with; the only words of encouragement I can give is that, even though your activity and food points are a wash, those walks probably do some long-term goodness for your body!

      I follow another blogger who is also an Editor for a site dedicated to people with diabetes. This is the site she works for: http://foodpicker.org.

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