Weigh-In Wednesday, Week 2: FAIL.

Obviously I had a very exciting event happen last Thursday that was cause for a lot of celebration!  Unfortunately, it didn’t bode well for Weigh-In Wednesday.  I’ll accept it as a good excuse for this past week, but if I want to gain momentum I know it can’t be an excuse after this week.  Besides, now I have more motivation to move the butterfly (see right toolbar) – dress shopping!!!

What didn’t go well:

  • I didn’t track any points four of the days.  Even if I go over or have to use generic foods to estimate, I should track to maintain awareness of what is going into my body.  I am not at a point yet where I can abandon tracking, even if I feel like I know the healthiness of what I’m eating.
  • I ate a baggie of black licorice in one day!  My coworker found out I like black licorice and brought me in some that his wife ordered from Europe (you know, someplace where they have good black licorice).  It was so good that it was gone by the end of the day. 
At least I ate them one at a time and not by the fistful?
  • I had wine or beer Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday night.  I know there will be a lot of celebrating over the next month but I need to reign it in if I want to gain momentum.

What went well:

  • My measurements didn’t move, despite my one pound gain!
  • I incorporated weights into my workout on Sunday (thanks to Matt!).  I have been feeling it in my legs ever since.
  • I did 25 minutes of a great treadmill interval workout that Peanut Butter Fingers posted on her blog yesterday.  It kicked my butt!
  • I made a few food tradeoff decisions I wouldn’t have previously made.  I had a big salad for lunch on Thursday was balsamic vinaigrette in anticipation of going out to dinner that night to celebrate Matt’s new job (which turned out to be an engagement celebration!).  I had a protein shake for breakfast instead of pancakes.

Said no to these!

... and yes to this!

I know I will have my ups and downs throughout this process.  I didn’t expect it to happen the second week, but reflecting on what went well and didn’t go well will help me adjust my habits this next week.  My challenges this next week will be:

  • Fitting in workouts on top of looking at wedding venues and going out of town.
  • Cutting back on the celebration alcohol.
  • Making good choices when we are out of town this weekend.  We will be helping Matt’s dad move so I expect we will be eating out a lot.  Portion control, portion control, and more portion control!

Sunny wanted to have a body shot this week since Macy had one two weeks ago:

"I'm not fat, I'm just fluffy."

How do you manage through times when eating healthy isn’t convenient?  How do you balance alcohol into your diet?  I bet I sound like a complete lush asking that question!

10 Responses to Weigh-In Wednesday, Week 2: FAIL.

  1. But look at your measurements….they’ve either maintained or gone down! So the gain might actually be muscle, since you’ve just started a weight routine.

  2. Sharon Kinard

    I thought the same thing about your measurements as Colleen. Your recent engagement is a great motivator for all of us to be lean and fit for our new dresses we will be sporting:)

  3. I like that you’re able to reflect on the things you did WELL, even though some things didn’t work well!

    And I find it difficult to eat healthy in certain situations, but I try to at least moderate my portion size, when I’m eating a lot of unhealthy foods.

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