Adrian Peterson deserves to win a Super Bowl

I was going to wait until closer to football season to write this, but seeing Adrian Peterson’s acceptance speech at the Cosmo Fun and Fearless Awards made me decide that I can’t wait!

Most people who know me know that I love AP. This won’t be a gushy post about how I want to marry him – I’m officially off the market as of last Thursday! Besides, AP and his fiancé had a baby in September so I’m pretty sure he is taken too… sorry, ladies.

What is not to like?  He seems like a nice guy, he is charitable (and not in that “I have to do this because I’m famous” way), he is a great football player, and he is a nice guy (I know I already said that, but I really can’t say it enough)!

These are the reasons why I think he deserves to win a Super Bowl:


He proved me right. I didn’t really watch football until 2007, when my coworkers needed an extra player for their fantasy football league and asked me to play. I found a suggested draft list on ESPN and brought it with me to the draft. When it came time to pick my second running back, I looked at my list and picked the next Viking on the list (who was ranked way down in the third tier). My coworkers loved it – I heard things like “worst pick ever”, “only a rookie”, “hurt a lot”. AP had a record-shattering rookie season (breaking doesn’t seem dramatic enough to describe it). Thank you, AP, for proving me right :)


After a lot of internet stalking, I discovered that he has been through a lot in his life and pushed through to make the most of his life (he is so smiley too!).  This is a brief recap of Wikipedia’s information (and anyone can put anything out there, so it must be true!):

  • 7 years old: He saw his older brother killed by a drunk driver while they rode their bikes.
  • 13 years old: His dad was arrested for laundering money for a crack-cocaine ring.
  • The night before the NFL Combine (tryouts), his half-brother was killed.  He decided to attend the Combine to honor his brother.

Obviously he’s faced adversity in his life, but still hasn’t let it get him down. I love stories like that.


AP participates in Football For Good and has his own charity, All Day Foundation.  This is how his website describes the mission of All Day Foundation:

“Adrian Peterson established the All Day Foundation in 2008 to raise awareness and funds for programs that inspire hope and build a better future for at-risk-children. The Foundation promotes the well-being of at-risk kids by partnering with nonprofits and developing new programs in three primary areas: Sportsmanship & Leadership, Youth Enrichment and Hunger. It is our opportunity and responsibility to help children-at risk all day…every day.”


He just seems like a nice guy.  A couple years ago, he was pulled over for speeding at 100mph down the highway.  They interviewed him on the news the next day and he seemed genuinely embarrassed and sheepish about his actions.  There was no cocky demeanor from him at all.

My favorite story about him was told to me by a friend who is an avid listener of a local sports talk radio station, KFAN.  One winter night at 2 or 3am, a gas station attendant had two customers and the second person in line seemed really antsy.  Finally, he slammed $100 onto the counter and took off without explanation.  The next night, he came back to apologize for his behavior – he was apparently in a rush.  He gave her a $500 Christmas bonus and one for her coworker as well.  That second customer was AP!  You never really know if these kinds of stories are true, but I’d like to think it is!

Ok, so those are just SOME of my reasons why AP deserves to win a Super Bowl.  I really could go on for a while longer.  The Vikings signed him to a 7 year deal last year but then he was hurt most of the year.  I hope they can give him a Super Bowl win at some point (but, like most Minnesota sports teams, they are really good at breaking our hearts).

I’m sure some people who know more about football could add more value to this conversation because they could spout off stats, but I’m just happy enough to support him just because he seems like a really nice guy.  We need more famous athletes like Adrian Peterson.

2 Responses to Adrian Peterson deserves to win a Super Bowl

  1. Sharon Kinard

    Thanks for the reminder that Minnesota has another upstanding athlete that we can use as a role model for our children, but also for ourselves.

  2. I just typed up the whole story about AP in the gas station and then realized you included it in this post! I guess I better read thoroughly before posting a comment! :) Great post, Anna!

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