Venue selection is moving along nicely!

Greetings from Highway 218 North in Iowa!


Matt’s dad and stepmom are becoming full-time Floridians so we traveled to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to help them with some packing and loading this weekend. It was such a beautiful weekend that Macy was able to work on her farmer’s tan:


(she loves to stare directly into the sun)

I was moderately successful at portion control. I said no to the tasty-looking breakfast pastries but yes to Papa Murphy’s cinnamon wheel. Last night, I also said yes to hibachi:


I used to think hibachi was brown rice, but it turns out it is actually white rice with a lot of soy sauce. My success at this meal was only eating half of the meal and opting for a Subway lunch today instead of leftovers of soy sauce-soaked deliciousness. This also gave us a good reason to meet Matt’s mom and stepdad for a brief lunch so we could update them on our planning!

The exciting news of the weekend is that we might have a venue and date! I will wait to announce the date until we have the venue officially booked but we might be going with Campus Club at the University of Minnesota. This venue was a pleasant surprise in a lot of ways – the rental fee is reasonable, the view of the city from the reception room and the terrace are gorgeous, the food is all local and seasonal, it fits within the budget, and we will be able to find availability this fall :) . Another bonus is that Matt and I both attended the U for our Masters. We aren’t exactly huge Gopher fans, like Abby (but who is?), however it is still exciting to share part of our past with our guests (even though we didn’t actually know each other when we were going to school there… but let’s not let details ruin the cuteness of it).

We also looked at Profile Event Center in Dinkytown and Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul last week ( has better pictures). This is the pro/con of the Profile Event Center:


  • Great party atmosphere
  • No rental fee if minimums are reached (which I loved!)
  • Option to bring in our own alcohol if we book by April 1 (after that, they won’t offer the option to bring in alcohol since they are getting a liquor license)
  • Option to count photographer, DJ, and decorations toward minimum



  • Although they have the option to have the ceremony there, it’s not what we want for our ceremony so we would have to rent a separate ceremony site

Wabasha Caves was interesting but I probably liked it the least of the three.


  • It was a nightclub during prohibition so it has an interesting history, including a shoot-out and bullet marks as proof
  • They offer tours to guests during cocktail hour
  • Nice big bar (can you sense a theme with our people?)
  • They have 4-5 different caterers to choose from


  • I don’t like that there aren’t any windows (obviously, since it is a cave)
  • We could have our ceremony there, but it isn’t necessarily what we want for our ceremony
  • The rental fee is higher than Campus Club

The ultimate decision-maker with Campus Club has been that, 2 days later, we are still very excited about it. It will allow us to show off beautiful views of our city to our guests and we can get married outside on a beautiful fall day. Sounds good to me!

I hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful weather this weekend as much as Macy did! :)

2 Responses to Venue selection is moving along nicely!

  1. We had our reception at the caves back in 2005. It worked out great and people (we were told) liked that it was different. Let me know if you have any specific questions…would be happy to chat.

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