Weigh-in Wednesday, Week 4: Measurement Success

I was not looking forward to weighing myself this morning.  Then, when I stepped on the scale… ugh, utter disappointment.  I knew it was coming though.  I had a crazy week with my grandma being in the hospital and then passing away (not to mention the half a bag of tortilla chips I’ve eaten over the past few days).  Then, I was even more down on myself because this was my excuse two weeks ago – I had a crazy week that was totally unusual when I got engaged. 

But, after I measured myself I realized I was being too hard on myself.  I’ve had a lot of success with my measurements, which is something I always overlook (to the point where I never even take them when I’m trying to lose weight).  I’ve lost three inches from my waist and almost five inches from my hips!  I know some of this is from bloating (and possibly measurement errors on the hips), but even losing bloat weight means I’m eating healthier overall and the workouts are working.  So, enough talking about them… here are my stats:


I was about 145-150 pounds and a size 10 when I graduated from college.  Today, I am 141 pounds and a size 6 (or 4 at some stores!  gotta love those stores that cater to my self esteem).  That isn’t a big difference in weight, but it is a big difference in size.  So, I know it isn’t all about weight but sometimes I don’t remember that it isn’t all about weight.  I still think weight is a good indicator of success, but this is a good reminder that it isn’t the only indicator. 

My success of the week:

  • I worked out at least every-other day, including running in the Get Lucky 7k.
  • I completed the Tough Mudder training after my treadmill intervals on Monday.  I was so sweaty that I was sliding all over my yoga mat and will need to break out my mat towel when I do the circuit tonight.  I don’t remember it being this intense when I did it last week!  By the time I got to the decline push-up, I couldn’t do them.  I had to do the girly knee push-ups and even those were pushing it for me.  The best thing about this workout is you can do it at home! The only equipment required are dumbbells and a pull-up bar.  We don’t use our pull-up bar up anymore so I skip those and do them at the gym (I say “them” like I can do multiple pull-ups… ha!).
  • Other than the half bag of tortilla chips, I ate healthy about 70% of the time.  It helps a lot that the salad bar at my work actually looks appealing this time of year and they’ve really stepped up the sandwich section.  We haven’t been able to grocery shop much the past week so I’ve been buying lunch at work the past few days.  I really need to get to 80%+ to lose weight so expect to also see something about this in the “what didn’t go well” section of this post. 

What didn’t go so well:

  • My 30% was mindless snacking.  I really didn’t need those tortilla chips, but they were there so I ate them.  We also gobbled up the rest of our Girl Scout cookies (if you saw how we inhaled them, you’d know gobbled is the right term).  We decided that next year we’ll buy one box (because we can’t completely deprive ourself!) and donate money to the Girl Scouts. 
  • I didn’t start my BODYPUMP routine that I wrote about in last week’s post.  I was at the hospital three nights last week and on Sunday so I am ok with this one.  I created a workout schedule that includes BODYPUMP every Friday night until Tough Mudder and stuck it on my fridge.  I know that doesn’t sound like an exciting thing to do at 6:30 on a Friday night, but it will keep me away from happy hour for a while and is the least stressful night of the week to fit it in. 
  • I’ve pretty much abandoned my WW points tracking.  There is seriously no good excuse for this.  I have an app and know the points of most of my food so I should just write it down!  Next week, you will read that I tracked my points every day.  I promise. 

Ok, so there it is… four weeks into my journey!  How do I feel about it?  Ok.  I’ve made decent progress.  I know it could be better.  Normally, I would have gotten frustrated and quit by now.  I give myself props for that, but I also don’t believe in getting points for just showing up.  It’s not enough to show up to the gym or sort-of eat healthy, you have to work hard and make it a priority to make progress.  I know what I need to do.  Now I just need to be consistent about following through. 

What is your advice for me after reading this week’s post (or all of them, if you’ve been following since the beginning)?  Be honest!


12 Responses to Weigh-in Wednesday, Week 4: Measurement Success

  1. My best advice is to realize you’re doing great and not quit! Even with the slipups, 70% is a really good average for eating healthy at this stage, when the whole idea has lost its luster. If you can power through now, eating healthfully will start to come more naturally. (Until I come into town and demand indian buffet!!) And, like I say at the end of every response, WEIGHT TRAINING!!!!! :)

  2. I thank you dearly for posting this post today!!! I weigh in tomorrow and have been kind of down the last couple days as it seems like our scale isn’t moving at home one bit. I totally forget that even though the scale doesn’t move, it doesn’t mean that we are not ‘losing’ anything!! Next week is our final weigh in for our challenge—I must start taking measurement of myself in addition to the weighing in order for me to continue to ‘see’ results after this is over, as I know I have a long way to go to get to where I should be (like at least another 30+ lbs!).

    I think you are doing great! When you are feeling down-think of how you compared where you were when you graduated college to now and how even though it is just a few pounds, it’s a huge difference in sizes and that alwasy feels great! Things in life will cause us to go off track a bit, but no one is perfect. I was told the other day–It’s not how you look on the outside, it is how you feel on the inside!! Keep it up and think of how good you will feel when you wear your wedding dress!!

    • I hope your weigh-in went well! Taking measurements has been really great for me. I honestly never stuck with it until I started this blog series. I’ve been kicking up the intensity and frequency of my workouts so I know the next few weeks might not be large weight loss weeks, but I’m hoping my measurements keep me motivated.

  3. Anna, what is this program that you’re doing? I’d love to hear more about it! I’ve started seeing a trainer once a week, but I’d love to go further! Sounds like a very interesting program you’re in!

    Also, we REALLY should get together soon and commiserate about wedding planning…and just catch up :)

  4. “I’ve made decent progress. I know it could be better. Normally, I would have gotten frustrated and quit by now. I give myself props for that, but I also don’t believe in getting points for just showing up. It’s not enough to show up to the gym or sort-of eat healthy, you have to work hard and make it a priority to make progress. I know what I need to do. Now I just need to be consistent about following through.”

    This is a wise quote from you!! Keep saying it, and eventually you will listen to yourself and then a healthy lifestyle will be your new normal. You wont have to do these “diets” because these “diets” aka: a healthy lifestyle will be something you will learn to follow everyday and then soon enough, eating cookies will be something “out of the norm” for you. Know what I’m saying? Me for example, just this week, I turned down happy hour and bar bingo because it would mean I would have to miss a workout…and in my mind missing a workout is a big deal, I know I would feel like crap if I didnt do my routine. Yeah it might make me a curmudgeon but I know what makes me feel good and what makes me feel like crap…going out to the bar on a school/work night makes me feel like crap inside and out so I made myself disciplined enough to turn it down. Some days do call for happy hour, but should be enjoyed in moderation and should be earned.

  5. But another thing to keep in mind, life will hand you curveballs that must be delt with as a priority. This has been one of them weeks for you. You have the tools and knowledge to keep a healthy track. One or two weeks off the wagon isnt gonna ruin your progress in the long run. You are making great decisions and time will tell so. Just keep going and soon enough this will just seem like a minor bump in the road. And yes Colleen is right, add some weights to the program :)

  6. I am proud of you! Keep up the great work! :-)

  7. You should be SO proud of yourself :) it seems as though you are doing a fantastic job!!!! Life handed you so crappy situations but you still kept going. Keep up the great work, can’t wait to follow your journey.

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