I’m baaaaaack!!!!!

It’s been about seven months.  I’m sure you’ve all missed me.  I’ve definitely missed writing.

First, let me say this will be my last post on Fitscally Responsible. Please check out (and follow) my new blog, anna christina: welcome to my world. It will be a more general blog.

What have I been doing the past seven months?

  • Traveling for work a lot.  I took a promotion that took over my personal life for a few months (but I love my job, so it wasn’t so bad).
  • Tough Mudder… it. was. awesome.
  • I turned 30!
  • I got married!!!!!!!!!!!  Here are two pictures:



I have opted to create a new blog because I think it better reflects my personality. I love fitness and financial responsibility, but I also have a wide variety of interests beyond those two topics.  I think I tried too hard to come up with something that would be catchy, rather than something that truly reflects who I am.

I hope you’ll follow me on my new blog so we can stay in touch!


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