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A few of my favorite things

Yesterday was a long day. It was go-go-go at work until I left at 11:30 12:00 for my grandma’s funeral (it was one of those days where I was always a little behind… luckily not late for the viewing and service though!). I can’t believe how many people were there… a lot who I haven’t seen in years (or ever). I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised; my grandma was a very likable person.

I feel like the past week has been emotionally exhausting so I wanted to post something a little more upbeat. (side note: if you’ve commented on my blog and I haven’t responded, it isn’t because I’m not reading them. I’ve just been too wiped out to formulate an intelligent response. I really appreciate the comments, especially the encouragement I received on last Wednesday’s post).

This post was inspired by an annual Favorite Things party that my friend Abby hosts. It is just like Oprah, except with a $10 limit so no iPads or trips to Australia. We all buy one of our favorite things for each of the other girls.

Head Scratcher

The first year Abby hosted the party, I bought this awesome head scratcher/massager for everyone:

It will rock your world.

I love this thing because it is an instant relaxer. Who knew my scalp holds so much stress??

The Best of Clean Eating Cookbooks

This year, I bought everyone The Best of Clean Eating, gave them one of my favorite recipes (Southwest Spaghetti Squash bake), and some samples of protein powder. Yes, I did all of that for less than $10 because I found some unbeatable deals. It helps that we have the party about a month after Christmas.

I love the Clean Eating cookbooks. I received the first one as a Christmas gift from Colleen and vowed to make one recipe a month from the book. We’ve easily averaged one recipe per week. I liked the first edition so much that I also bought the second one!

These will also rock your world.


I think this is a pretty common one, but I like to buy magnets when I travel. These are a few of the magnets I’ve accumulated over the years:

London, Maine, Brazil, Boston, Paris, Chicago, Las Vegas, Singapore, Thailand, San Francisco, South Korea, Prague, Netherlands, Russia

In South Korea, they believe that Loons mate for life. As a Minnesotan, that sold me on that magnet! I also took some magnets from Grandma Muriel’s apartment to add to my collection:

I remember the owl from when I was a little girl!

Stoli Razberi & Soda and Crispin

My two favorite drinks are Razberi Stoli with soda and Crispin. I didn’t have any Crispin so I just captured a picture of the Stoli. Both of these are very refreshing and light drinks… which really just means I can drink a lot of them. :)



I love all kinds of magazines. They are great for travel and a nice monthly motivation to eat healthy, exercise, and stay on track with my financial goals. As cheesy as that sounds, it works for me!

This is just a snapshot. I probably subscribe to 10-15 per month. In my defense, I paid about $5-$10 per annual subscription.

No, we are not actually vegetarians. So, why do we subscribe to a vegetarian magazine? I don’t really have a good answer for that. Matt said he wanted to try eating less meat so I subscribed to help us find good recipes (and I’m sure I found a good deal on the subscription so at the time it made all the sense in the world).

If you’re looking for a good Personal Finance magazine, I would recommend Money Adviser first, Money second, and Kiplinger’s third. Money Adviser has really good specific tips that are applicable to everyone, Money has good general information, and Kiplinger’s is probably better for people later in life with more wealth already accumulated.


I love tea. It doesn’t even have to be fancy tea (although I do love me some fancy tea). I love it all. Matt has forbidden me from buying more until we drink what we have, which is really sad because I miss Sweet Dreams tea by Bigelow. It is great right before bed.

Protein Powder

I dedicated an entire post to my love for my protein shake. I love my protein powder in general though. I also put it in oatmeal. I’m also thinking about baking with it over the next few weeks. I’ve read other blogs and protein powder is supposedly a good addition to brownies. It tastes really, really, really, really good and it helps me get in a little extra protein.

The kind I use is a vegan protein powder that is also gluten-free.

Fiber Powder

My doctor suggested switching from fiber pills to powder last year because you get more “bang for your buck”. I went home and compared my pills to my powder and I’d have to take 15 pills to get the same fiber as I do in one scoop of my powder. I like this powder because it is completely tasteless and easy to put in my food and shakes. I have tried Miralax, which is often recommended by doctors and didn’t like the taste so I never drank it.

12g per scoop. 25g is the recommended daily amount for women.

I bet you’re wondering if I sell Arbonne (if you don’t already know me). I am a Consultant but I don’t sell it. I use their protein powder, fiber powder and RE9 skincare line so I’m able to maintain my 35% discount. If I ever wasn’t able to maintain my discount, I’d probably invest in the Preferred Client and still buy it for 20% off. At some point, I might get adventurous and try other powders but I’m really happy with the taste and nutritional content of their product so I don’t have a strong reason to check out other brands yet.


I love shoes. I have been good about not buying them very often the past few years but that hasn’t changed my love for them. This is one of my favorite pair of work shoes. I bought them on a work trip. They were only $30 and they are amazingly comfortable.

I know this isn't a good picture, but hopefully you get the idea.

What are a few of your favorite things?

My Morning Protein Shake = L-O-V-E

Before I discovered protein shakes a year ago, I thought they were mostly for this type of person (which, as you see in ‘about me’, is not me!):


I was wrong.  Not only are they absolutely delicious, it’s a really easy way to get in extra fiber, fruit, calcium and protein for the day.  Besides, my morning shake makes me feel like this:


There are a lot of protein powders in the world so picking one really depends on your budget, taste buds and nutritional focus.  I use a gluten-free, vegan protein powder made by Arbonne.  However, I know a lot of people like the whey powder from Isagenix (share your favorite protein powder in the comments section!).  The basic types of protein powder are: milk, egg, whey, casein and soy.  I chose my protein powder out of convenience.  I was on a gluten-free kick at the time and have gluten-free friends who use the powder.  I also find whey to be very heavy so whey powders don’t work well for me. 

Will I look like Arnold does in his picture if I use a protein powder?  No.  The only way to build muscle is anaerobic exercise (i.e., lifting weights).  Protein powders act as a supplement to build muscle faster, but they alone will not help you build muscle.  WebMD has a lot of good information on the benefits of protein shakes and the different kinds of protein here

This is my shake before the Magic Bullet does its magic:

Vanilla protein powder shake


  • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder
  • Water (I usually make my liquid, including milk, equal to 1/2 of the shake so it is easily drinkable)
  • Frozen berries (about 1/2 – 3/4 cup.. or whatever your belly desires)

 What I include for added nutrients (optional)

  • 1/2 cup Almond or regular milk (for additional calcium and to make it a little creamier)
  • Spinach (you can’t taste it, but it adds calcium and antioxidants to the shake)
  • Fiber powder (Most people get half of their daily required fiber grams so I HIGHLY recommend this.  Between the powder and the fruit, this morning shake is 18g of fiber!  I’ve only used the Arbonne powder but I’m sure any tasteless fiber powder would do the trick)

 Blend & enjoy!

 For convenience, I take it in a to-go cup so I can drink it on my way to work:

Deliciousness on the run!