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My day in pictures (Instagram-style, of course)

5:30 am: Today was morning #2 of my journey to become a morning workout-er so I hopped on the treadmill (doesn’t it look a little dark and scary?  that is why I’ve tried to keep my workouts to evening time!).

6:45 am: My morning shake, courtesy of Matt!

7:45 am: I am glad I had my morning shake at home because this was just 1/3 of the breakfast spread at our meeting!

A few minutes later, I got to my seat to discover these right in front of me.  I moved them yesterday but decided to let them stare me down today.  I returned the staredown (and never gave in).

9:30 am: Luckily, they had this so I could have a good morning snack (mmmm… cantaloupe and pineapple).

12:00 pm: Some of the food I didn’t eat at lunch –

My lunch (risotto, a mini turkey sandwich & lentil soup)

After lunch, I did some more doodling (while still paying attention to the meeting, of course!) and came up with a plan that I’ll post about tomorrow:

2:30 pm:  As you saw by the Do Si Dos incident, I love cookies.  But, I decided to wait until I could eat a few real Do Si Dos :)

So this was my snack.  I normally don’t eat the veggie dip and wish I wouldn’t have taken this stuff.  It definitely wasn’t the delicious kind you get at the grocery store! (and that is my coworker taking a picture of me taking a picture of my food)

5:00 pm:  Yay!  My meeting ended a little early so I decided to stop by Target to get a battery for my scale.  While I was there, I found these awesome notebooks on clearance for $1.18 (originally $3.99).

I’ve had a sore throat all day and started to get the body aches at Target so I went home to eat some soup…. and, ok, some Do Si Dos too!

How do you handle situations where you have continuous access to snacks and buffets?  Do you have a Girl Scout cookie weakness?