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I wasn’t a runner before I became a runner

Happy casual Friday!  I live for casual Friday.  It’s so relaxed and everyone is in such a good mood.  Where are all of these smiles Monday through Thursday???

Today, I found a great Guide to Running on Pinterest that I thought deserved to be shared with the eight people who read my blog.  What?  You’re not a runner?  Neither was I before I became a runner. 

It took me two half marathons before I finally admitted to myself that I’m a runner.  I didn’t consider myself a runner because I’m not very fast and I don’t have the cute runner legs (they more closely resemble my hockey player days!).  After running a dozen races over the past four years, I’ve learned there is no typical runner.  In every single race, there have been people of all shapes, ages and abilities. 

I like running because it can be done anywhere and isn’t very expensive.   I love running because of that point in the run when you feel almost invincible, also known as “runner’s high”.   It took me a few months of running before I experienced the runner’s high, but (trust me) it is worth it if you can get through the pain of the first few weeks or months.  I hope that doesn’t make me sound slightly like a drug addict!

The first race I ever ran was a half marathon (when I dive into something, I really dive in!).  That is still my favorite training period even if it was my worst race.  I was beating milestones every week and it felt fantastic.  Running four and six miles were mentally the largest milestones for me.  Once I discovered I could actually run for an hour without dying, I knew I could make it through the race.

Enough about me, let’s get to the whole reason I was motivated to write about running.  Here is the guide:

The two things I like most about this guide are: the half marathon training schedule and the section about injury prevention.  Most runners experience knee or hip pain – it is all about the actions you take to prevent and care for injuries.  Happy running!